Kigurumi, Onesie, and Hoody Care

Step 1: Remove the stuffing from the tail. There is a zipper sewed into the underside of the tail so you can easily remove the stuffing when it's time to wash! This zipper is also great if you want to adjust the amount of stuffing in your tail too.

Step 2: Turn your kigu inside out and button or zip it back up

Step 3: Wash in your washing machine on delicate and cold water. It's important to never apply heat faux fur.

Step 4: Turn your kigu right side out and hang up to dry. If your kigu has fur on it, lightly brush all parts that have fur in the correct direction. I recommend buying a wetsuit fan hanger to hang your kigu up after washing for faster drying times.

Step 5: Once your kigu has fully dried, replace the stuffing in the tail then give all parts that have fur a good brushing and your kigu is ready to wear again!

Fursuit Care

Washing Bodysuits, Tails, and Paws

Step 1: Remove Tail stuffing.
If you are washing a bodysuit with an attached tail or if you want to wash your tail that is unattached start by removing the stuffing from the tail. There is a zipper sewed into the underside of the tail so you can easily remove the stuffing when it's time to wash!

Step 2: Remove body padding Stuffing
If your bodysuit has sewn in padding there will be a zipper inside to remove the stuffing from the padding. If your padding is removable there will be a zipper on all parts so you can take the stuffing out.

Step 3: Turn inside out
Turn your bodysuit inside out and zip it back up. If you are washing hand paws, arm sleeves, padding, or tails you should put them inside your bodysuit to keep them somewhat more protected during washing.

Step 4: Wash
Wash your bodysuit in a washing machine on delicate and cold water. It's important to never apply heat faux fur.

Step 4: Drying
Turn your bodysuit right side out and hang up to dry. Lightly brush all the fur in the correct direction so it dries in that position. I recommend buying a wetsuit fan hanger to hang your bodysuit up after washing for faster drying times. It's also wide on the shoulders so it doesn't put too much stress on the shoulders.

Step 5: Brushing
Once your bodysuit and any other parts you are washing has fully dried, give the fur a second good brushing and you are good to go!

Cleaning Fursuit Heads

Fursuit heads should not go in the washing machine. They will need to get disinfected with isopropyl alcohol spray and spot cleaned. The same goes for many pairs of foot paws or other costume parts that cannot go in the wash. Carefully spot clean using a damp cloth and some carpet cleaner or detergent in places where your head has gotten dirty is the easiest way to keep it clean. Recently there is a new popular method to clean fursuit heads using a small portable carpet cleaners like the Bissell Little Green. These can be carefully used instead of the spot cleaning method for a good overall clean. there are many great tutorials on youtube on how to do this. It may take a few days for your head to fully dry so plan ahead when doing this to make sure your head or other costume parts are fully dry before wearing them again. Using fans can help speed up the drying process.

Care at Events

It's best to wear a long sleeve shirt, pants, and balaclava lightweight wicking material under your fursuit to help protect your costume and keep you cooler. The material helps wick your sweat away to keep you somewhat cooler while at the same time protects your costume from your sweat and body oils. Under Armor is the name brand for this type of clothing but there are many other great off brand companies that sell these types of clothing. Make sure you are buying the shirt, pants, and balaclava that are meant to help keep you cool because sometimes these companies will also sell thermal wear to help keep you warm in the winter.

If you are going to a multi-day event such as a convention make sure to pack:
-A fresh set of under armor for each day you plan on fursuiting
-A spray bottle
-A bottle of isopropyl alcohol
-A slicker brush
-Hanger Fan (optional)

When you get out of fursuit you should spray the inside of your head, bodysuit, hand paws, and foot paws with a 50% isopropyl 50% water solution to help disinfect your costume and to help it dry out faster from your sweat then hang everything up to dry. We recommend using a fursuit hanger fan to help your bodysuit dry out faster and put less strain on the shoulders, a small fan for your head, and suction cup hooks for your paws and under armor. Next, give your costume a good brushing to help it to keep looking nice for the next time you suit up.

Pro tip: Bring an extension cord or power strip with to conventions if you are using fans.

Traveling with a Fursuit

So you have an expensive wearable piece of art and now it's time to take it with you to exciting and new places! There are two common methods for safely transporting your fursuit.

Plastic Bins: Strong plastic bins with a locking mechanism are a great way to your fursuit as they do not squish any of the parts or fur pile, they are sturdy and reliable. They can however be very cumbersome and awkward if you have to walk distances with them or fly with them. These tend to be better if you are driving to an event.

Hard Case Suitcases: These are an easy way to travel with your costume, particularly when flying, needing to walk a fair distance with them, or if you want an easy way to move a costume around. Most fursuits, minus the head, will comfortably fit inside a large hard case suitcase along with a fan and the rest of your care items. When transporting your suit this way we strongly recommend carrying your head separately as it could be squished or damaged inside a suitcase, particularly when flying. All Pocket Wolf fursuit heads come with a custom head bag with a shoulder strap which is perfect for easily carrying over your shoulder when traveling and as a "personal item" when flying. They can fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin on a flight.

Wetsuit Hanger Fan

We highly recommend buying a wetsuit hanger fan to hang your kigurumi or bodysuit up after washing, after fursuiting at conventions, or any other time to help when you need your costume to dry fast. Underwater Kinetics has been a brand we really like for this.

Bissell Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell Little Green carpet cleaner or other similar products have been really popular lately for cleaning fursuit heads and other costume parts which cannot be put in a washing machine. There are many tutorials on youtube on how to safely clean your fursuit head with these.

Slicker Dog Brush

We recommend using a slicker brush to brush all parts of your costume with fur for the best results. You can pick these up at any pet store, most grocery stores, or online like on amazon. Try to avoid the brushes with plastic ball tips on the end of the wires as these just come off and get everywhere.

Head Fan

Cheap portable fans that can tilt to point straight up are perfect for drying out your fursuit head at an event after you spray the inside with isopropyl alcohol or at home after you clean your head. You can buy these online and in many stores like Walmart or Target.

Suction Cup Hooks

Suction cup hooks are a great buy for conventions as you can suction them to windows and mirrors to help spread out your fursuit parts to help them dry faster.