Commissions: Closed

New projects will be completed near the end of 2024.

By commissioning Pocket Wolf LLC you have agreed to have read the Terms of Service

Please select the form below for the type of commission you wish to apply for

For everything else: Parts, props, plush, pillows, and more

The commission Process

Step 1: Apply

Select one of the above links for the type of commission you want to apply for and fill out of the form.These slots are not first come first serve and projects will be selected once commissions close.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at:

Step 2: Receive a quote

If you were selected you will receive a response by email with additional questions about your project or a quote/price of what your project will cost. If you would like to go through with the commission let us know and we will send you an invoice.

Step 3: Payment

You will receive a Paypal invoice to your email. There is a 9.25% sales tax which will be added to projects being shipped to Illinois.

Step 4: Added to my Queue

Once payment has been received, you will be added to the queue on trello so paying your invoice faster will mean a higher position on the queue.

Step 5:  Work begins

You will get an email to let you know when work begins. If you commissioned a fursuit you will get many updates along the way. Smaller projects may not receive progress pictures.

Step 6: Work completed

Once your project is completed you will receive some quick cell phone pictures. Projects will then get a nice photos taken at the next photoshoot before getting shipped. These photoshoots happen roughly every 2 weeks. You will receive a tracking number once your project is shipped. Customers who are local to Chicago may arrange an in person pick up if desired.