Fursuit Prices

All prices listed are starting prices for a simple suit design and may go up depending on complexity or project type.

All estimated prices include shipping within the contiguous United States.

Any projects being shipped internationally will need to pay extra shipping costs.

By commissioning Pocket Wolf LLC you have agreed to have read the Terms of Service

Plantigrade Fullsuit

Basic straight legged bodysuit that is easy to move around in. Includes outdoor foot paws, front entry zipper, and a removable tail.

Fullsuit with padding

Digitigrade legs, padded plantigrade, or other custom shaping. Includes outdoor foot paws, front entry zipper, and an attached tail. The tail includes a zipper to remove the stuffing when it's time to wash.

Plush Fursuit $7,000+

This kind of fursuit requires help from others to get in and out of and should only be worn if you have a handler that you trust to help you safely get out of. It's bulky and packed full of stuffing. Entry is in the back and it is fully lined with lycra. The tail, hands and feet are sewn on with no use of your hands/fingers. Fursuit sandals will be included to protect the bottom of the feet. The head zips onto the body. There will be a large "Pocket Wolf" tag on the back leg of the suit like a stuffed animal would have.

Partial Fursuit

Includes a head, hands, arm sleeves, and tail



Removable Eyelids: $40/pair
Removable Muzzle Fan: $50
Extra Zippers: $50/zipper
Zippered Pockets: $50/pocket

Every fursuit head comes with a custom made head bag, badge, bandana, and care kit. Sometimes I may include something extra as a thank you.

Bodysuit Only

Plantigrade $1,300+

Digitigrade $2,000+