Kigurumi, Onesie, and Hoody Prices

Kigurumis, onesies, and hoodies come with a lined hood, and fur on the top of the hood, cheeks, chest, and tail, and a zipper on the underside of the tail for easy washing. Kigus and onesies have large zippered pockets.

All prices listed are starting prices and may go up depending on complexity or project type.

All estimated prices include shipping within the contiguous United States.

Any projects being shipped internationally will need to pay extra shipping costs.

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Baggy, dropped crotch, buttons, large zippered pockets, and lined hood.



Form fitted, long legs, zipper down the front, large zippered pockets, and lined hood


Pull over hoodie, large pocket in the front, and a lined hood.

Gloves & Socks Set: $100 Gloves: $60 Socks: $60

A comfy add on to your kigu, onesie, or hoody. Made completely out of fleece.