Terms of Service

By commissioning Pocket Wolf LLC you agree to have read the following

Allergy Warning

All our costumes are made in a home with cats. We try our best to keep animals away from projects and materials and to keep the work area clean but if you have a severe cat allergy we do not recommend purchasing from from us.


Payment in full up front is required in order to be added to our queue. We are not offering payment plans of any type at this time. Once you have paid you will be added to our queue in trello which can be seen here.


The primary way we accept payment is by Paypal invoice but we will also accept the following:

-Mailed checks and money orders

-Cash if you are in Chicago or any attending an event I am also attending


I normally ship FedEx ground for orders going to the US, Canada, and Mexico and then USPS for Alaska, Hawaii, and everywhere else. I'd be happy to ship FedEx or other methods or upgrade to express shipping on request. Fursuits will require a signature upon delivery. I typically mail out commissions every 1-2 weeks. The buyer is responsible for any international customs fees.

Cancellations and Refunds

If for whatever reason I need to cancel your commission you will receive a full refund.

If you need to cancel your commission you will receive a:

100% refund if no materials have been purchased and no work begun

50% refund if materials have been purchased

0% refund if work has started


Pocket Wolf cannot guarantee any deadlines. If you do have a deadline, let us when requesting a quote. If your deadline is feasible for us then we most likely make it. Consider making your "commission a rush order" if our queue is long. Note that if your commission requires a duct tape dummy or any specialty materials that these items will make a project take longer.

Rush Orders and Closed Commissions

When we are open for commissions we are normally able to accept rush orders for double the price of your quote. Your commission will be bumped to the top of the queue and your project will be started once the project currently being worked on is finished. Please specify that you want your commission to be a rush order when asking for a quote.

When commissions are closed we are normally able to accept your commission for double the price of your quote. For triple the price, we can accept your commission as a rush order. Please specify that you want to a "closed commission" or a "closed rush order commission" when asking for a quote.

The exception of when we would be unable to accept these types of commissions is when we are closed for an extended amount of time for travel or other unexpected reason.

Concept Art

For most commissions a reference sheet with a clear front and back view is required unless you would like us to take artistic liberty with your commission. If you would like your commission to match any other items you own let us know when requesting your quote and provide images and if possible the name of the color and website where the fur, fleece, or other material, was purchased. If there is any part of your ref that is not correct let me know when requesting a quote.

Repairs and Warranty

Your costume will come with a 90 day repair warranty upon delivery of your costume. If for whatever reason your costume has a construction failure or does not fit properly send us an email with what the issue is. If you have worn your costume we ask that you wash or clean it first before you ship your costume back to us. Normal wear and tear is not considered a construction failure.

After the 90 day warranty is up I can repair your costume for a fee.


Work in Progress (WIP) pictures will be provided for fursuit commissions. We will sometimes provide them for kigus and other projects that have complicated designs. We would be happy to send additional WIP pictures upon request. For smaller projects we will normally take a photo at the end.

If we send you a WIP picture or finished photo and you notice something is wrong or we have forgotten a detail let us know as soon as possible.

Changes to a project that are not part of the original reference or quote can be made on a case by case basis and may incur additional fees. Please try to make sure that your reference sheet is up to date when initially commissioning us.


If you are purchasing a commission as a gift for someone else we are happy to keep your commission discrete on our Trello queue and hold off on posting WIP pictures, finished pictures, or streaming work on your project until the final recipient receives their gift. Just let us know when commissioning if you would like us to do this!

Pocket Wolf LLC has the right to use or upload any pictures of your project to social media, advertising, business cards, or this website